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Important Message

For every season there is a purpose under the heavens.
For every web site a reason too.  A rite of passage into new realms of understanding, self realization and a rebirth.
The purpose in your arrival here is what you have been seeking as you are witnessing the gateway opening to your own inner self.
Your worldly journey seemingly long and labored...........Listen now and know you shall enter the inner sanctuary back to the reality of who you truly are.

Enter the Gate

Listen now, most importantly..............gaze gently focusing on the gateway opening and closing, silently counting 20 times before you enter the sanctuary.
Remember all direction serves a purpose.
You would not have arrived here if you were not seeking to fulfill the true spirit within you.  Peace within you eternally with each breath you take and eventually with awareness every movement you make.  Empty yourself so you may be filled with simplicity.  The desire for simplicity is the Key to open the Seekers Door..

Pass through the gate to INNER SANCTUARY

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flowing waters

We as a species have all shared the equal experience in the womb of creation housed in embryotic fluid as all mammals.
Our beings created and maintained within each of our cells  bathed in water.
Water naturally follows the path of least resistance.
Let us honor the divine natural order of All with the continual reminder where ever, what ever , we touch surfaces, we shall flow as the stream into the river and the river into the sea and finally into the oceans with the pouring forth of All gliding gently carrying All in it's path into Infinity and the fields of peace that passeth all understanding.
Thus, bringing  forth from the divine substance of unformed energy only supreme manifestations on this plane of existence to honor the Creator and our own spirit within inseparable one from the other in the divine tapestry of Life unending, only changing energy form upon entry here and  into all eternity.
As we flow we shall share and bear with us the treasures of our lives, humbly placed at the feet of the Creator and know that through grace  alone we have uplifted all mankind in the purity of our thoughts, words and deeds.
Step by step we each write our own Book of Life.  Although we are each subjected to the free will choice shared reality system, we must each take full responsibility and heighten our awareness for our reactions to All around us.
Each and every path crossed and shared with another initiates a cycle of cause and reaction within the creative scheme of All. The ripple effect of casting a stone upon the waters is likened to these natural laws and there can be no escape once the motion ensues.
What shall we choose........peace or turmoil.
Just as the still water reflects back an image to you, so does the Divine Mirror of Life store house all for you to view when one makes the conscious choice to  f low without resistance in search of the Ocean of Peace.



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